Swiss Summer School 2023: Organic Synthesis

The Swiss Summer Schools, also referred to as Villars Summer Schools, are multi-day out of town courses for MSc, PhD and postdoctoral students with a focus on chemical synthesis. They offer a platform to students for the scientific exchange with peers and with experts in the field from academia and industry. Students are welcome to actively involve themselves by presenting a poster or a short communication on their research.

The 2023 Summer school covered a broad spectrum of topics closely linked to some of the most important aspects of organic synthesis such as synthetic method development, photoredox catalysis, complex natural product synthesis, and fundamental physical organic chemistry.



Industry Lectures:
  • Dr. Ana Maria Montagut and Dr. Ulrich Mayerhöffer, Arxada
  • Dr. Marta Falcone, Valsynthese
  • Dr. Daniel Latassa, Valsynthese
  • Ahmed Mahmoud, Chemspeed
  • Dr. Quentin Lefebvre, Spirochem
Career Session:
  • Lea Rumpf and Dr. Ulrich Mayerhöffer, Arxada
  • Dr. Florent Beaufils, Spirochem

Information for all participants, speakers and guests:

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